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A Collectors’ Summer

Often in summer we men promise our wives that they will tidy up the garden, give a hand with the housework and… check Ebay a bit less…

However, without fail, we do not keep our promises. Let’s at least try to improve ourselves. We know that the internet is full of junk anyway providing us with only few good bargains at the best of times. Let’s take our sweetheart on a trip somewhere far from home. If, by sheer chance, there happens to be a flea market in that area, she will know immediately what our game is. But she will forgive us as usual….

One last thing: in June, Domenico Scarzello, the creator of the Typewriter Museum and this site too, was appointed president of the National Society of Typewriters and Calculators. Knowing him well, I am sure he won’t be lacking initiative. He will increase the number of events, but, most of all, he will organise important meetings, giving the society more visibility.


Il Remington della Romagna