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To Gambettola

Be wary of ads on the internet, if you can. But if you must, if you're curious (sometimes there are interesting offers on the web, let’s be honest) and you can’t help but take a peek at specialist sites, at least stay away from a one particular type of ad. I hate it when they write "typewriter in perfect condition, just needs a quick dust." What! Is dusting it so difficult? Is it such an enormous task? It’s not as if needs taking apart and polishing till it sparkles. That I could understand, but to give it a quick clean with a cloth you don’t need to have been to university. But no, these sellers can’t even be bothered removing the dust.

An other type of seller which concerns me is the one who writes: "needs a good lubricating". No, no no!!! Most typewrites work without oil. Pouring oil all over the steel parts as if they were chips will just clog it up with dust and create a film which is difficult to remove.

Well, after getting that off my chest let’s get down to the serious stuff. You are all invited to Gambettola (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) on the 9th and 10th May. It’s a flea market made up of 800 vendors. Not just typewriters though (what a pity). However, I happen to know that there will be a wonderful stall in via Gramsci, run by Cristiano Riciputi and Domenico Scarzello. And there will be some friends too - Urbano, Luciano, Filippo and anyone else who wants to visit. They will have their usual beautiful displays, filled with passion, helping spread the culture of the typewriter...


Il Remington della Romagna