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In Honour of a Great Man

Last Friday, February 27, Rai Storia (the only watchable television channel) dedicated the whole evening to Adriano Olivetti, on the 55th anniversary of his death. The transmission was interesting and well done, and the rediscovery of Olivetti is good for the system. Adriano was shown for who he was, an educated and cultured person who improved society. He put back the large company profits into the economic and social fabric of the territory. He paid his employees really paid and placed great importance on aesthetics and beauty.

It also wouldn’t hurt to devote some space to two important figures in Olivetti's history: Camillo Olivetti and Natale Capellaro. The first was a genius, an inventor and designer who enjoyed being in the workshop among the people. The second was a mechanically gifted factory worker who invented the best calculators of the age, which helped streams of money flow in to the company. Adriano was an exceptional man, protecting this heritage. However, Camillo and Natale both deserve accliam.


Il Remington della Romagna