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The Difference Between Real And Virtual

Virtual and collecting. If I have to express my own opinion, the various Facebook profiles dedicated to the world of typewriters, to their great credit, allow the creation of networks and the exchange of knowledge. But if not accompanied by real commitment, such as visiting museums, meeting other collectors, or exchanging machines, they don’t have much value

The virtual makes keeping in contact easy, something which would otherwise be impossible (think of those who live in different continents), but this must not be an end in itself. I know a person who bought three of the same very rare typewriter: one bought on the internet at full price; the other two, at a very competitive price, by wearing out the soles of his shoes, travelling around markets for many years and building relationships with other collectors and enthusiasts. I will admit that the digital world helps, but real satisfaction only comes from real world experiences. In short, (and this is an extreme comparison), the difference can be compared to clicking on a porn site or going to Rimini or Milano Marittima to meet real people ...

Well, with this article we bring to a close 2014, the second year of the Typewriter Museum’s website. 2015 will be a year of change and there will be a cultural/informative surprise. Keep following.


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