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The World of the Phenomenon

We live in a world of full of phenomenon. We see it every day at work and perhaps, unconsciously, we even behave this way ourselves.

One place full of such phenomenon is the world of typewriter collecting. Oh yes. But let me explain. It’s enough for the phenomenon to have bought 20 typewriters (or pieces of junk) and he already considers himself an expert. Even after just 10 months of collecting. And if he’s bought books and old magazines on ebay then it’s guaranteed. He knows everything there is to know and no-one can tell him otherwise. Try telling him that there are people who have dedicated 20 years of their lives to the study of typewriters. The phenomenon has spent loads of money on rare models so therefore knows it all. Or nearly all.

Let’s not even get into restoration. By taking everything apart and putting it all back together the phenomenon thinks he’s a restorer. Not a problem if he uses "spranghina", an untranslatable term that means "iron wire", something that the phenomenon uses for all his repairs. The phenomenon uses everything, restores as he will, and uses plenty of acid and chrome.

In the world of typewriter collecting only one thing is really necessary: humility. But that’s in short supply.


Il Remington della Romagna