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Meeting people through typewriters

On Saturday 19th September I made and interesting purchase from a lady whom I met a few weeks ago at a fair in Gambettola. The lady in question had stopped at my stall and asked me to go back to her place to see her beautiful typewriter complete with original typist's desk.

Bursting with curiosity, early on Saturday morning, my wife and I set off and drove the 200 km which separated us from the lady’s house.

Once there, the distinguished 65 years old woman, a collector of old French figurines, showed us into an attic crammed with old furniture and other objects which belonging to her family. In a corner stood a 1940s typist desk with Olivetti M20 (in its original case) and a crank-operated Alfa Everest adding machine by its side. The desk was in excellent condition, the drawers well kept. I decided to buy the three items and loaded up the car. The lady told us that the desk, which had been kept in that attic for over fifty years, once belonged to her father, who worked as an accounts clerk.

I was so moved by her story that I didn’t even try to lower the price. Never mind. I also had the pleasure of meeting the lady’s husband, a collector of oil lamps and builder of model ships.

The thought of displaying a 70 year old typist's desk gives me great joy and I must admit, a certain thrill. Thanks to the typewriter one can meet some wonderful people.


Il Remington della Romagna