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The charm of the flea market

It’s Gambettola time. It's flea market time. On 6th and 7th September we (by that I mean me Remington, and the owner of this museum and website) will take part in Mostrascambio 2014 in Gambettola (Cesena, Italy). Here you will find 800 exhibitors from all over Italy (plus even some from abroad) selling all sorts of objects – from spare parts for cars to valuable antiques.

We will be there with a small stall exhibiting some of more interesting typewriters: The Olivetti M1, Mignon 2 Pittsburgh, Hammond 1/b and 2/b to name just a few ...

We are going to the event with the aim of exhibiting and buying: not selling, not even where we have two of the same typewriter - because selling distracts from the pleasure of looking, browsing, observing and, at the same time, of explaining the marvels of our typewriters to the hundreds of people who visit our stand.

Unfortunately in Italy there are fewer and fewer flea markets due to the increasing number of restrictive laws.

For those who can, come and visit us on 6th and 7th September 2014 in Gambettola.


Il Remington della Romagna